German and Danish language tutoring for financial decision makers

If you have employees who need to negotiate in German or Danish or to be stationed in Germany/Austria/Denmark or other German or Danish speaking areas they need to must have a perfect command of the spoken and written German or Danish language. Furthermore it is important to be better informed on current cultural, political and economic affairs in Germany or Denmark - as well as knowing what the media are reporting on in order for you to form the right basis for your decisions regarding the German or Danish markets.

Due to my German banking education and experiences in German finance together with work at Danish banks and as a management consultant I can offer you tuition on the highest level of  the language i.e. that of the native speaker combined with a deep insight into German and Danish culture. I also have a profound insight into what is done and not done in the German and Danish business communities. 


Daily lessons can be organised in several ways: from a few up to 12 hours daily lessons


Option 1: either at your employee's place of work and/or your employee's home address.

Option 2: either a weekend crash course or a one-week course at Syrenvej 5, Hou, DK-9370 Hals, Denmark, a small suitable house in a little, idyllic coastal village.

Phone or mail for further information.

Flexibility is my keyword and your guarantee of successful intensive language training.  


Yours faithfully,
Trade, Information & Service
 Eberhard Behnke, Syrenvej 5, Hou, DK - 9370 Hals,  
 VAT: DK - 23 52 25 51, phone: 00 45 40 86 31 23, E-mail:

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