Export trade consultancy / tutoring / coaching

Areas in which I can be of help to and make a real difference for your company 

Positioning: The strong and weak areas in your company

Prospects and risk analysis

The creation of your internal company requirements, resources and internal commitment

Is your company geared for export - is it prepared, does it have the potential to succeed

Is your product geared for export - is it prepared, does it have the potential to succeed 

Carrying out desktop research

Market analysis

Competitor analysis and market structure analysis

The preparation of your company strategies

Tracing potential customers

Pre-market checks

Tracing of potential business partners at home

Tracing and selection of highly qualified export personnel

Tracing the right markets to benefit your company and your products

Market penetration strategy / export strategy

Tracing and selection of suitable partners abroad

Tracing of joint ventures

Tracing importers, agents, retail partners abroad - investment planning

Contract drafting and handling

Educational activities for the sales force

Project management and consultancy

Adjusting / establishment of your sales organization

Marketing and controlling

Planning, devising and implementing your participation in trade fairs

The Internet - just for the presentation - as your company showroom - as a tool for direct selling

Engagements which recognize the specific needs in various countries

Sales control

Outlets, foreign representations and subsidiary companies


General export strategies

Detailed operations plans

Liquidation / sale of activities

Believe me: I have seen every possible mistake within import/export companies and in IT investments in my over 30 years as a consultancy advisor.

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